Moritz Seider and Thomas Rüfenacht are back

Episode 2/2

See what life is like for our young professional hockey

Moritz Seider and Thomas Rüfenacht are back with episode 2 of their chat. (If you missed episode 1, catch it here. This time, they’re digging deeper into what goes on behind the scenes for young NHL star and Calder Trophy winner, Moritz Seider. Notoriously reserved and only given canned interview questions during the season, we thought we’d do something a little different to let you see Mo’s personality. It’s a more candid conversation between two hockey players. Just a couple guys, wearing AYCANE, shooting the breeze. In this episode, they discuss:

  • Visiting Vegas while underage
  • What embarrassing acts Mo had to perform at his rookie party
  • What he does after practice
  • Is Mo a good cook?
  • His daily routine as a professional hockey player
  • If he’s the hardest working guy in the room
  • What awards the Red Wings have after the game

Give it a watch and get to know Mo!