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      HeiQ Smart Temp®: The Technology Behind AYCANE Hockey Base Layers Temperature Regulation

      HeiQ Smart Temp keeps you cool and comfortable thanks to revolutionary and patented dynamic cooling technology. The cooling is activated by your rising body temperature and deactivated when cooling is complete. The technology provides up to 2.5°C/4.5°F cooler fabric temperature. Rather than just soaking up sweat like a mop, AYCANE base layers push the sweat out, and HeiQ Smart Temp keeps your body at the perfect temperature for peak performance. And it doesn’t fade away the more you play — HeiQ Smart Temp will last for the lifetime of the base layers.


      See How HeiQ Fresh Keeps Our Hockey base layers Odorless

      Odorless HeiQ Fresh technology offers sustainable odor control to our hockey base layers. We’d put this stuff in everything we could to keep it fresh! Why? Because it really works and doesn’t use metals or chemicals. It provides durable and sustainable freshness to our line of hockey undergarments.