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Cut Resistant Blade Pro Skate Socks Save A Season
Without the cut-resistant Blade Pro Skate Socks, the season would be over for Claudio Cadonau, defenceman for the Swiss National League’s SCL Tigers.
The Rookie & the Legend: Mo Seider chats with Thomas Rüfenacht

AYCANE athletes Moritz Seider and Thomas Rüfenacht sat down to shoot the breeze about hockey, life, and whether Mo is letting his early success get to his head (he’s not).

Jungadler Mannheim take off with AYCANE
As one of the leading youth hockey organizations in Germany Jungadler Mannheim’s ambitions are titles and trophies. Starting with the season 22/23 AYCANE helps them reach their goals.
AYCANE Ambassador Moritz Seider wins Calder Trophy
Congrats to AYCANE ambassador, Moritz Seider, on winning the Calder Trophy Tuesday night at the NHL Awards ceremony. Seider, a defenseman for the Detroit Red Wings, was named the NHL’s top rookie. Mo has been with AYCANE from day one,...
Which hockey skate sock is right for you?
Blade Pro vs. Powerlight Skate Socks. Two sets of hockey skate socks. Innovation throughout. One revolution. But which do you choose? Here’s a quick breakdown!
Meet The Innovative Blade Pro Baselayer
CE certified, 15x stronger than steel, light as can be, breathable, thermo-regulating, quick-drying, and comfy as hell.
Rebellious, Innovative, Revolutionary — Meet AYCANE

How we want to become the leading brand for the hockey community.

Meet the AYCANE product line
Listen, we could talk hockey all day. But we know you’re not here to talk shop. You’re here to see why we keep chirping the hockey industry.
Meet The AYCANE Founders
So that’s our team! Our Founding Five, if you will. Together we are the brains and brawn that created this bold initiative.