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HeiQ Fresh Technology

See How HeiQ Fresh Keeps Our Hockey base layers Odorless: We can admit it — hockey gear stinks. And it’s a special kind of stink. Just sniff your old pair of gloves! You know what we’re talking about. Anyway, when a hockey company rolls up and talks about odorless hockey base layers, we bet your initial reaction is “yeah, right!” or “Pfft, no chance.” But our technology works. Seriously. Just ask some of our ambassadors about why they love our hockey base layers.

What Is HeiQ Fresh?

HeiQ Fresh technology offers sustainable odor control to our hockey base layers. We’d put this stuff in everything we could to keep it fresh! Why? Because it really works and doesn’t use metals or chemicals. It provides durable and sustainable freshness to our line of hockey undergarments.

How Does It Work?

HeiQ Fresh is a family of silver-free odor-control textile technologies using ingredients that are either bio-based or mineral-based. Garments treated with HeiQ Fresh attack the real source of smells by absorbing volatile organic compounds (VOCs), aka the “smelly molecules.” Therefore stink is attacked when it emerges. The mineral-based HeiQ Fresh HAX ingredients permanently bind to smelly molecules, so the garment will never stink.

Other similar products ineffectively target the wrong issues such as body odors, environmental odors, fabric odors, and the accumulated effect on synthetic fibers known as “permastink.” This can sometimes impact the products’ effectiveness for feel, weight, breathability, and moisture-wicking. HeiQ Fresh works in tandem with other treatments, ensuring an odorless, breathable, lightweight product that wicks sweat away. That’s what you get with AYCANE base layers! The bio-based treatment also regenerates with each wash, so the odor control technology works for the entire lifespan of our products.

Chemical and Silver-Free Odor Protection

Protect your skin and wear hockey base layers that won’t start to feel gross and stink to high-heaven over its lifespan. AYCANE’s innovative underwear products remain breathable, wicks sweat away, and won’t stink, forever. Try it out today.

Products with HeiQ Technology


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