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HeiQ Smart Temp: The ultimate thermoregulation technology

Revolutionary temperature regulation technology for AYCANE Hockey Base Layers.

Our base layer fabrics dynamically respond to your body heat, providing unparalleled comfort and performance. When things heat up during the game, the technology activates a cooling function. It keeps your base layers at the perfect temperature for optimal performance, up to 2.5°C/4.5°F cooler fabric, eliminating sweat-soaked layers. AYCANE base layers push sweat out, ensuring peak performance. And it lasts a lifetime.

Upgrade your performance: Say goodbye to generic base layers and old pajamas that only make you sweat and overheat. HeiQ Smart Temp enhances your game by maintaining ideal body temperature.

HeiQ Fresh: Sustainable odor control for our hockey base layers

No metals or chemicals — just effective freshness that lasts.

How it works: HeiQ Fresh eliminates odors by absorbing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) at the source. Unlike other products that target body, environmental, and fabric odors, HeiQ Fresh tackles them all. It works seamlessly with other treatments, providing odorless, breathable, lightweight base layers that wick away sweat. The bio-based treatment regenerates with each wash, ensuring long-lasting odor control.

Chemical and silver-free: Experience hockey base layers that remain fresh, breathable, and odor-free throughout their lifespan. AYCANE's innovative underwear delivers ultimate comfort and performance.

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