Sven Andrighetto

Sven Andrighetto

Sven Andrighetto Has Worn AYCANE Hockey Base Layers From The Start

After 10 years in North America chasing his hockey dream, Sven Andrighetto finds himself back where it all began — Zurich.

From juniors in the QMJHL to the AHL to six NHL seasons with Montreal and Colorado followed by a year in Russia in the KHL, Sven Andrighetto reached a point in his career where he wanted some stability. In this instance, home is where the heart is and where the hockey is.

“I reached a stage in my life and career where I wanted more certainty, more stability,” said Andrighetto. “Then my hometown team offered me a five-year contract so it was an easy decision to come home.”

Helping AYCANE With Hockey Base Layer Product Development

Andrighetto has been with AYCANE from the very start — we’re talking before the company even had a name or an office. Around the same time he returned to play in Switzerland, his friend and long-time agent, Daniel “Gigs” Giger (an AYCANE founder), told him about a little idea for a hockey start-up…

In fact, “Ghetto,” as he’s known in hockey circles, was one of the biggest supporters of the AYCANE vision and confirmed that there is a demand for innovative hockey undergarments and skate socks. 

“Gigs has been my agent since I was 15 years old,” said Andrighetto. “He’s a good friend and has supported me through my whole career. When I got back, he told me about [AYCANE] and wanted to get my input on the products. I thought it was awesome because there really wasn’t anyone in the hockey world that was just making baselayers, socks, and off-ice apparel. The big hockey companies do everything, but no one had focused on this area.”

Giger and Andrighetto met with fellow AYCANE founders, Nico and Sven Serena, where the brothers discussed their vision with current hockey players. The players brought in their current hockey underwear and talked about what they wanted to change.

“Growing up I wore a pair of pajama pants and a simple shirt under my gear,” said Andrighetto. “I tried other brands over the years, but none were ever quite right because it never felt like they were designed for hockey.

“So Nico and Sven asked questions about what we’d like to change. For example, on the elbows, maybe add some rubber so the pads don’t slide around. They had me try samples and I gave them some feedback. It was pretty cool to be involved with the process.”

“Now, I use all of AYCANE’s stuff and I love it.”

Wearing AYCANE Hockey Wear On & Off The Ice

Andrighetto’s game embodies the AYCANE athlete. He’s a bit undersized but tenacious. A smaller forward who relies on speed and skill. He creates chances and isn’t afraid to skate into dangerous areas.

There’s a lot more ice to cover in the Swiss National League versus the NHL, but Andrighetto trains hard to push the pace and spread the bigger ice.

“I love wearing the baselayers and socks,” he said. “It’s not so much that I feel a difference, it’s that I don’t really notice it at all when I’m playing. Everything does what it says it’s going to do. My elbow pads stay in place, the fabric is stretchy and super breathable, and ultra-lightweight. I don’t overheat during the games. It’s perfect.”

Off the ice, Andrighetto wears AYCANE during his workouts and when he’s chilling out. “The t-shirts are so light and have such a nice texture, they’re my go-to whether I’m training in the gym or just hanging out after practice or games,” he said. “It really is perfect for working out — stretchy, fits perfectly, and looks cool. I like everything about it.”

“It’s already become really well-liked in the hockey community in such a short period of time. I’m excited for what else is to come.”

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