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Listen, we could talk hockey all day. Seriously... all day. Nights too. But we know you’re not here to talk shop. You’re here to see who the heck we are and why we keep chirping the hockey baselayer industry. We’re AYCANE. Nice to meet you. We talk a big game because we make the best damn hockey baselayers in existence. Socks and activewear too.

What makes it so good?

Well, for starters, all of our high-performance apparel is made specifically with the hockey player in mind. We know hockey players are very specific creatures. We have odd quirks, rituals, and habits, but we can all agree that one way or another, we rely on our gear to perform.

We also play and train in harsh conditions — as in, on ice. Even our build is funky — with a blend of thick legs and glutes paired with a (mostly) trim upper half. Standard, off-the-rack training gear often won’t fit right, and we tolerate baselayers that weren’t even specifically designed for hockey. But you don’t have to anymore. Hockey players are a rare breed with a unique build and performance needs. AYCANE knows this because we play and are experts in the fabric and textile industry. That’s how we made the perfect hockey baselayers, socks, off-ice training athleticwear, and more.

So what’ve we got in store? Let’s take a look.

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  • Hockey Socks
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  • Accessories

We revolutionized Hockey Baselayers

Made to keep you cool while you’re on the ice. It’s a tricky balance to get just right, but through tireless research and innovation, we nailed it. We know that when you’re on the ice, the last thing you want to be thinking is what you’re wearing under your gear. The perfect baselayer is one you can just put on and forget about. It will reliably perform and keep your focus on your game. That’s what the AYCANE baselayer does.

Actually, they can do a hell of a lot more. Our baselayers are made with prime Italian fabrics that respond to cold, heat, and sweat — the trio of conditions we face on the ice. They protect you where they need to, hold your gear in place, and help your body breathe when you’re pushing it to the limit on a lengthy shift in the third period. How? Our baselayers improve your performance thanks to intense attention to detail.

Keeping you cool

Our baselayers offer unparalleled comfort as they optimize breathability, regulate your body temperature, and help speed up your recovery. These baselayers release sweat and restore your energy by improving airflow and providing freedom of movement. A wide neckline fits your big old noggin and provides a better fit.

Protect your neck (and nuts)

Cut resistant fabrics in the neck area protect you against skate blades and sticks. A built-in sleeve for an athletic cup protects the family jewels. And thoughtful touches like anti-slip zones on the elbows, silicon gripper at the bottom of the leg to keep your hockey pants locked in, and bonded velcro tabs to hold your hockey socks up. Keep everything right where it’s supposed to be so you stay comfortable and protected!

The perfect fit

As for the fit — AYCANE baselayers are specifically tailored to meet the ergonomic requirements of male and female hockey players. Kids too! Best of all — our baselayers are made with fabrics that won’t lose their stretch and fit due to constant, strenuous use. They’ll bounce right back to their perfect fit every time. We’ve even added some odor-repelling technology to help keep things from getting rank under your gear.

See? It really is the perfect under garment. 

Hockey socks (for your feet)

Not too thick, not too thin, just right. Our socks are built for life in a hockey boot. It gets sweaty, stinky, and hot in there, and you need socks that will keep things in place while allowing your feet to breathe.

Our high-tech socks don’t slip and have no irritating seams. No rubbing, no bunching, no pinching. We even added protective layers around the vulnerable Achilles tendon and calves area to protect against cuts. It’s a hockey sock that does a bit more while helping you worry less.

Optimize your off-ice workouts

Not only does AYCANE improve your performance on the ice, but we’ve also created training gear to take your off-ice workouts to another level. We made athleticwear with the hockey player in mind. No more cramming our butts and glutes into shorts that don’t fit. No more tops that hang awkwardly. No more training gear that soaks up sweat like a mop. Just like the baselayers, our training gear moves with you, helps your body breathe, and optimizes your performance.

Recover in comfort

Sometimes, you need to just chill out. When you do, our recharge collection is the perfect thing for relaxing off the ice. Our hoodies, sweatshirts, and sweatpants take comfort to another level.

Accessorize in style

If you’re fully committed to joining the AYCANE revolution, you can complete your kit with hats and caps. Let the lettuce flow! You can even grab a water bottle to take to your training sessions or get a whole set for your team. There’s sure to be more to come so stay tuned!

The revolution is coming!

Make sure you browse our products, check out the specs, and be ready when the store goes live in September 2021. We’ve got so much more to come and can’t wait to help you optimize your performance this year and beyond.

AYCANE is here. Wear the innovation. Lead the revolution. Join the Circle.

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