AYCANE provides hockey, its players and fans, and the entire community with
innovative products and initiatives that improve the sport and invigorate the
spirit. Growing together is the name of the game.


AYCANE kindles passion with products that boast a unique identity, improve
individual performance and transform teams into champions. The development
and design team give their all to ensure that hockey players and athletes can
tap into their maximum potential and follow their passion - on the ice and off.


We give it our best and our all.
We invent, explore and set new benchmarks.
We are strong, fearless and rebellious.


Our religion is innovation, our souls are rebellious, our approach
unconventional. AYCANE fearlessly questions the tried-and-true, forges new
paths and rethinks every detail to find the ultimate solution for the athlete.
Leading a revolution means breaking the rules. Unapologetically unconfined
and bursting with energy.

Our source of inspiration

AYCANE lives, breathes and embraces hockey. Through AYCANE, strong
individuals find their people and their winner’s circle, and unleash their inner
We gather around the campfire, around the goalie, cheer each other on and
motivate each other daily, on and off the ice, to give it our best shot. We win and
lose together, go on the attack together, demand victory and defend each other,
share our passion, and value each individual’s uniqueness.
“Be strong so you can stand alone, be yourself so you can stand apart, find the
wisdom to stand together when the time comes.”

The Circle. Our community.

The power of the circle is infinite, the protection of a circle is absolute. For
AYCANE, the circle is more than a symbol, it is our protection, our source of
strength, a home for players and athletes and our community.