Meet The Innovative Blade Pro Baselayer

AYCANE Blade Pro Hockey Baselayer

Revolutionary Neck and Wrist Protection 

For too long hockey players have just kind of had to accept a few things:
1. The zamboni is going to leave some wet spots.
2. Casual fans will never understand icing, no matter how well you’ve explained it.
3. Our necks and wrists will just be unprotected because that’s the way it is and has always been.

We’re here to change that last one.

The Blade Pro Baselayer Arrives To Change The Game

Sure, you could wear a neckguard, but raise your hand if you wrapped yours in tape to make it less annoying/more comfortable. Plus, they move around during play, rendering them ineffective while looking goofy. Likewise, we’ve seen countless wristguards, mega-cuffed gloves, or massively bulky elbow pads that try to protect your wrists. But none of those options really help your dangles or give you a better wristshot. They give you stone mitts and don’t even work.

The revolutionary Blade Pro Baselayer throws those archaic options out the window. (Seriously, if you have them, find a window, and toss them out. It’ll feel good!)

Check The Features 

Our baselayers come equipped with cut-resistent inserts along the neck and wrists to protect you from slashes to the wrist or errant skates from catching your neck. Cuts to these areas can be catastrophic — it’s certainly worth protecting yourself from razor sharp skate blades — but we hockey players are stubborn creatures and don’t want to sacrifice comfort or ease of play for protection. We do the bare minimum for safety to stay at the top of our games. 

But with the Blade Pro Baselayer, you can achieve maximum protection and improve your performance. The cut-resistant fabric is 15x stronger than steel, ultra-lightweight, breathable, and super stretchy. You won’t even notice you’re giving yourself extra protection.

Plus, the Blade Pro Baselayer come with our signature thermo-regulating, quick-drying, and anti-odor technology, making it the most well-rounded hockey baselayer ever. You get maximum airflow under your gear, a hockey body fit with hyperstretch materials that maintains its shape throughout the product lifespan, and anti-slip zones to hold your elbow pads in place. 

You won’t find other hockey baselayers like these on the market, and won’t ever want to wear another once you’ve given them a try. 

Grab your AYCANE Blade Pro Baselayer.

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