Built For Her: The AYCANE Women’s Fitness Collection Has Arrived

AYCANE Women's Fitness and Training Collection

Loaded with Style. Filled with Performance.

We’re so pleased to announce the arrival of our women’s fitness collection.  Who’s the women's fitness collection for? It is BUILT FOR HER. What the heck does that mean? It means we made this collection for women who sweat. Who go to the gym to put in the work and get faster and stronger. Who want to get better, not just look cute. We’re not here to push an image, we’re here to elevate performance. It’s athleticwear, not athleisure. Our mission is to make you a better athlete. To raise the bar and crush new goals. To strive for more. If this resonates, then we built this line for YOU.

What’s different about this women's training collection? Everything. We worked together with Hockey Players and Fitness and CrossFit athletes to create the ultimate workout apparel. Our women’s line gives you everything you need to perform at your best.

  • Premium, high-tech, Italian fabrics give you the ultimate feel and fit
  • Stretchy material moves with your body through your toughest workouts — no bunching or pinching
  • Moisture-wicking technology that actually works and moves sweat away from your body rather than soaking it up like a mop
  • Thermo-regulation that keeps your body temperature right where you need it to perform your best

Confidence-boosting Workout Apparel

Is It Stylish? Of course, it is! We chirp lifestyle brands that are all looks and no performance, but we know looking good is part of the battle. If you look good, you’ll feel good, and perform better. That’s a confidence-boosting trifecta! 

These tops, shorts, leggings, and sports bras are made to hug your features, move with your body, and make you look good while you’re hitting your workout. Sweat with glee, ladies.

Is This the Best Women’s Workout Apparel On The Planet? You’re damn right it is. Go get yours today. 

AYCANE Women's Workout Apparel