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      AYCANE Hockey Base Layers

      When it comes to hockey base layers, AYCANE offers top-of-the-line products that are designed to enhance a player's performance on the ice. One of the key features of these base layers is the HeiQ smart temp technology, which can cool down the skin temperature by more than 35.6F | 2°Celsius. This cooling effect helps reduce sweating, allowing the body to conserve energy for other activities, such as skating.

      In addition to the temperature-regulating properties, AYCANE hockey base layers are also treated with an anti-bacterial technology. This helps keep bad odors under control, ensuring that players feel fresh and confident during their games or practices. Furthermore, these base layers are quick-drying and super easy to care for, making them convenient for regular use.

      What sets AYCANE hockey base layers apart is the use of European materials, which offer the highest standard in quality and performance. This ensures that players can rely on the durability and functionality of these base layers, allowing them to focus on their game without any distractions.

      Overall, AYCANE hockey base layers are a great choice for any hockey player looking to enhance their performance and comfort on the ice.

      Cut Resistant Hockey Base Layers

      Our AYCANE cut resistant base layer collection, is designed to make the hockey sport safer. Made with a unique knitted cut resistant material, our hockey base layer provides unmatched protection against cut injuries.

      The material is lightweight, stretchable, and offers a soft handfeel, ensuring the best wear comfort for hockey players. With our AYCANE cut resistant hockey undergarments, players can enjoy the game, knowing they wear the best protection to minimize cut injuries.

      Explore our collection of hockey base layers and undergarments today for the ultimate combination of safety and comfort.

      Products that provide “cut resistance” and “cut protection” do not completely prevent or eliminate the potential for cuts injuries, and are not intended to give full protection against powered blades or other sharp equipment. Any information or data provided is based upon AYCANE's current knowledge and understanding of the subject matter, and is offered solely as a possible suggestion for use in making your own decisions or product choices. AYCANE's cut protection products are highly cut-resistant. Our products are not 100% cut-proof. While the AYCANE BLADE PRO collection does provide industry leading protection, wear our products with caution. While they do provide highest resistance to cuts, objects could penetrate them at any given time or in any situation.

      CE Certified for all European and USA Hockey Leagues. No BNQ Certification for Canada.

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