9 Hockey Speed Drills to get as fast as Timo Meier

Get ready to explode with Timo Meier and Speed Coach Raphael Schuler

Want to get fast like Timo Meier? There’s no single exercise or a magic elixir. All-situations skating and explosiveness come from a holistic approach and a well-rounded program. It also takes 100% effort and a damn lot of sweat.

Just think of all of the unique ways hockey players need to move and consider the benefits of these drills:

  • More explosiveness
  • Quicker foot speed
  • A more powerful stride
  • Hip mobility
  • Ankle strength
  • Faster transitions
  • Stronger crossovers
  • Improved back skating

Our speed coach, Raphael Schuler, puts NHL stars like Timo Meier (who you’ll see working his butt off in these demo videos) through this program in the off-season. If you want more speed, give it a try yourself. 

What's their workout outfit?