The importance of the layers we wear on our skin has been totally underestimated. The baselayer has a huge impact on whether a hockey player overheats while playing or cools down too much while on the bench. This is why we launched AYCANE, and we’re convinced that we’ve developed a new baselayer technology that will improve a player’s performance.

Our A/CELL fabric technology is based on key innovation pillars that incorporate temperature regulation, elasticity, breathability, and quick-drying properties. The fabric was developed and is produced in Italy on one of the most state-of-the-art knitting machines in the industry.

Temperature Regulation

Maintaining a consistent core body temperature is a crucial factor in ensuring an athlete's performance, which is why we believe strongly in the importance of incorporating this technology into our baselayers for a hockey players.  

Overheating is a problem – but feeling chilly is equally undesirable. The human body prevents overheating by producing sweat, which results in energy loss, just as the body uses valuable energy to reheat the player. Our baselayers use the 3rd generation of HeiQ smart temp technology, the world's leading smart cooling system.

The cooling system is temperature-sensitive, an essential element that can have a positive impact on athletic performance. The HeiQ smart temp cooling technology is deactivated when the skin temperature falls below 28°C (82°F). When the hockey player is in performance mode and skin temperature rises to 28°C to 32°C or higher, cooling is activated, even before the first sign of sweat. 

This unique temperature controlling system helps improve the athlete’s performance - less energy is consumed to keep the athlete cool and the athlete sweats less than in a normal hockey undergarment. Lab tests showed performance increases of more than 1%. 


The fabric’s construction is unique. Manufactured on a super-fine knitting machine in Italy, our A/CELL fabric features a nano hole mesh double-knit construction. These nano holes, visible when the fabric gets stretched out, boost skin breathability. The moisture wicking technology ensures perfect body temperature, whether the athlete is training all out or skating hard on a breakaway.

The fabric’s superb elasticity and consistency was developed to support muscles and blood circulation, which combats muscle fatigue.

Developed and tested by NHL players like Timo Meier, we are pleased to offer you a new on-ice weapon that will leave your competitors shaking their heads in disbelief.  

Don’t waste your energy playing in cotton t-shirts or cheap undergarments. Investing in a high performing baselayer that covers more than 80% of your skin is as important as investing in quality skates or high-tech runners.