Cut Resistant Blade Pro Skate Socks Save A Season

Claudio Cadonau season saved thanks to cut resistant hockey skate socks

Hockey Socks protect D-man against skate cut

Without the cut-resistant Blade Pro Skate Socks, the season would be over for Claudio Cadonau, defenceman for the Swiss National League’s SCL Tigers. The socks saved Claudio’s vulnerable Achilles from a skate cut.

Proof our skate socks are stronger than steel

The Blade Pro Skate Socks consists of two layers for performance and protection. The cut-resistant thread used for the shin and calf area is 15 times stronger than steel and protects you from razor-sharp skate blades all the way down to the Achilles’ heel. Not only that, this cut-resistant thread is the lightest in the world, ensuring you stay light on your feet when wearing our Blade Pro Skate Socks. As you can see in the photo, it did its job and held strong against a razor-sharp skate blade.

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