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Olympian Noemi Ryhner Brings Fashion and Playmaking to Hockey Training Gear with AYCANE

Some people were just born for this. Noemi Ryhner is one of them.

She first hit the ice at age six and battled with the boys all the way up through age 18 when she turned professional. Noemi won two Swiss Women’s Hockey League A championships with the ZSC Lions Frauen as a teenager and another with HC Lugano Ladies in 2020-21. She debuted for the Swiss National Team at the 2019 IIHF Women's World Championship and participated in the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, helping the Swiss team to a best-ever fourth-place finish. 

“It was amazing,” she said, of her Olympics experience. “The COVID measures were difficult — we couldn’t go to other competitions, so I can’t compare to a real experience. I guess I’ll just have to make the team for the next Olympics to get the full experience.” 

Noemi most recently played in the Swedish Women's Hockey League with Luleå Hockey/MSSK and has won the championship in her SDHL debut season. Next year, she brings her talents to Leksands IF Dam where she hopes to take the next step in her career.


A couple of months back, we asked the Swiss National Team coach if there was anyone on the team who had some style. They said, “Yeah, we have one. She has a lot of shoes.” Naturally, that player turned out to be Noemi. 

“We met and AYCANE asked me about what the women on the team wear and where things could improve,” said Noemi. “I helped make things a better fit for women. How the shirts and everything should be cut to fit our bodies. Where the seams go. How to make it look good as well. On the hockey baselayers especially, we worked a lot to make them really comfortable for women hockey players. We needed to make sure they wouldn’t be stinky after wearing them just once. And they should move with your body.”


We (AYCANE) took Noemi’s input and created the best women’s hockey baselayers and training apparel out there. Her favorite, of course, is the Noeemi tanktop

“You can’t feel the sweat on your body, I think that’s the biggest thing,” said Noemi. “It’s so nice when you’re training or playing hockey. Every AYCANE product is so light and comfortable - I think that’s the biggest difference. They look really good too. Not heavy, they feel so light you barely feel like you have anything on. It’s really like a second skin. It allows you to be freer on and off the ice.”

As for on-the-ice performance, Noemi describes herself as a grinding, hard-working playmaker. “I’m a good skater, good eyes, more of a passer than a scorer,” she said. “I like penalty killing, blocking shots, setting up my teammates. My AYCANE baselayers help me feel light on the ice throughout the whole game.”


Noemi is currently ramping up training for her first season with Leksands IF Dam in the SDHL. She seeks to further her career after accomplishing so much in the Swiss league at such a young age.

“I switched leagues to further my development as a player,” she said. “I was with the best team and won championships. I thought it was better for me to go to a new league and have a bigger role, more responsibility. I thought it would be a really good fit for me to take that next step.”

Rest assured — each step she takes — on and off the ice — she’ll be doing it in AYCANE. 

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