Rebellious, Innovative, Revolutionary — Meet AYCANE

AYCANE Vision Mission Inspiration

AYCANE is on a mission — to become the worldwide leading activewear brand for the hockey community.

We want to help the sport we love grow through smarter, innovative baselayers, athleticwear, and lifestyle apparel. A lofty goal? Yes, of course. But you don’t achieve success by showing up and saying “we’re just happy to be here!” You reach your goals by constantly perfecting your craft, by working on every aspect of your game, through blood, sweat, and tears. That’s why AYCANE exists.

We’re here to change your game. To revolutionize hockey as we know it.

So take five minutes and quickly get to know us. You’ll see what lights a fire under our asses to make the best damn hockey baselayers and training gear on the planet. 

What’s an AYCANE?

An AYCANE is a member of the tribe and part of our Cirlce. It means? Attack and protect. We attack together and we protect each other.

AYCANE as a brand is rebellious in nature. We break molds, tear down conventions, challenge the status quo, and constantly strive to innovate. We boldly venture in new directions. We ask “Why?” and “Why not?” We say “yes” to crazy ideas, like “want to start a hockey company?” Essentially, we created a name that means nothing and everything at once. 

AYCANE is the name and The Circle is our community. Its energy is infinite. Join us on our little Swiss-engineered hockey rocketship and we’ll take your game to new heights. We’ll even help you look cool while you’re doing it. Style, flair, and performance. What’s better than that?

Born In The North

AYCANE was born in the North and engineered in Switzerland. We know hockey because it’s in our blood. We feel most at home on the ice. We took a concept — creating a better hockey baselayer — then added socks, athletic training gear, recovery sweats, and other apparel to round out the kit. And this is just the beginning.

We’re a rebellious bunch with a hardworking spirit, ready to be the next hockey brand everyone’s talking about. Wherever you train, hit the ice, or lounge around on your off-days, AYCANE is here for the journey. There’s a better way, and we’re it. If you’re an athlete who demands the best, AYCANE is what you should wear to make a statement. 

Our Vision & Mission

Hockey players are a bit of a different breed. We play a rapid-paced game on ice with sharp blades on our feet and dangerous weapons in our mitts. We rely on superhuman levels of coordination and balance to make it all work in harmony. 

AYCANE is here to take the hockey athlete’s performance to another level. We want to change your game and support your active lifestyle. We want to ignite a passionate community with a unique, bold look and identity. And we’ll do it the right way. With sportsmanship, class, and an enduring, rugged spirit. Our innovative products and initiatives will improve and help grow the game.

We’ll improve individual performance and transform teams with heart and desire into champions. Our dedicated development and design team give their all to ensure that every hockey player and athlete can tap into their maximum potential and follow your passion, on and off the ice. Everything AYCANE makes is innovative to its core, sustainably produced, and on the cutting edge of performance. We support your lifestyle and are here to change your game.

The AYCANE Athlete

To wear the brand is to join The Circle. To become one of us. To want something more from your game and have just as strong of a desire to give back to your team and community. Bottom line: We make high-performance gear for high-performing athletes. Those with edge and integrity. Who work tirelessly to make themselves and everyone around them better. Leaders in the locker room and the weight room. Wizards on the ice, warriors at heart. 

For us, the “work hard, play hard” mentality means work hard in the gym, play hard on the ice. You’ve got to put in the extra reps off-ice to become a faster, stronger player on it. Skill and natural ability certainly have value, but it’s those who are willing to sacrifice, to lead, to keep pushing themselves day in day out who achieve greatness. 

That’s who inspires our brand and who we want wearing our gear. Because extraordinary athletes need exceptional apparel. If that sounds like the player and person you are or aspire to be, it’s time to join The Circle and see the difference.

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