Dominik Kahun

Dominik Kahun, hockey player, AYCANE Ambassador and athlete

AYCANE Ambassador, Dominik Kahun, Finds A Home In SC Bern

To say AYCANE athlete Dominik Kahun’s had a well-traveled hockey career would be an understatement. He was born in the Czech Republic, grew his game in Germany, played a year of juniors in Canada, and then has played professionally in Germany, the NHL (for Chicago, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, and Edmonton in three seasons), and now the Swiss National League for SC Bern. There were many battles, goals, and even an Olympic silver medal for Germany at the 2018 games in PyeongChang along the way. Now, he’s signed a five-year deal to make Switzerland and SC Bern his home. But that doesn’t mean he’s settling in — as pre-season games get underway, Dominik is ready to earn his contract by doing what he does best: score.

Off-Season Training In AYCANE

Last summer, Dominik wasn’t sure where he would wind up for the 2021-22 season. He’d gotten used to bouncing around the NHL but wanted some stability in his career. Somewhere he could grow his game and play a role best suited to his offensive abilities. He found that in SC Bern, and netted 16 goals and 28 assists for 44 points in 42 games. He was rewarded for his great year with a five-year contract to help push SC Bern toward a National League title. To get there, he’s been pushing himself this off-season.

Wearing AYCANE shorts, tees, and a hoodie or long-sleeve on cooler days in the Czech Republic, Dominik pushed himself to get stronger and faster on the ice. And training on the ice, he’s been working on one thing in particular: his shot.

“I try to improve every summer,” he says. “I have a core training program I do, but this year I really focused on gaining more speed. I also want to score more goals, so I’ve worked a lot on my shot.”

Off the ice, Dominik loves the way AYCANE feels as he moves through his workouts. “Everything is super comfortable,” he says. “It doesn’t matter if it’s short sleeve or long sleeve. You barely notice they are there which is what you want when you’re training. I even wear AYCANE just walking around — they have good styling, good colors.”

Wearing AYCANE On The Ice

AYCANE brought some AYCANE demo products to SC Bern to get athlete feedback. Before Dominik even tried it, he heard from other guys in the room about the baselayers.

“The guys said they get more air in the pants,” he says. “Even the top, you feel like you’re not sweating as much. In between periods, I usually take off my gear. When I do wearing my AYCANE baselayers, I barely feel like I’ve been sweating.” Dominik enjoys the performance advantage this gives him on the ice. He’s tried all the other big hockey brands’ baselayers — none perform and let his body breathe like AYCANE. 

“You get an edge when you don’t feel soaked,” he says. “Staying dry helps you feel light throughout the game and perform better.”

One Dominik gave AYCANE a try, he was hooked, and asked for more. He wears AYCANE hockey baselayers and socks every time he hits the ice. He trains off the ice in AYCANE. He even wears AYCANE between games.

The Next Phase In His Career

Dominik hopes SC Bern will dethrone two-time defending champions, EV Zug, this season. Signing Dominik long-term is a great first step, but new rules have allowed the team to bring in more imports. Previously, each team in the National League could only have four foreign players on their roster. Now, they are allowed six per team. The league has grown and the talent level has risen, mainly because players now understand the high level of play and quality of life in Switzerland.

“Switzerland is a beautiful country,” he says. “I’m happy to be here for this next phase in my career.”

Dominik enjoyed his time in the NHL, but was put in roles that didn’t suit his game. With SC Bern, the two-time Olympian looks to play more minutes, feature on the power play, and do whatever it takes to help his team try to win the title.

“Bern is a great hockey city,” he says. “The fans are super passionate, We fill the arena for every game, it’s actually the most-attended hockey city in Europe. In the NHL, Vegas had crazy fans, but Bern is crazier — especially The Wall (a standing section of fans, common in European arenas).” Dominik aims to light the lamp and keep those fans on their feet. We’re proud to say he’s joined the revolution and will do it in AYCANE.

What Dominik Wears On & Off The Ice

On Ice:

Off Ice:

Between Games:

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