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Temperature regulating technology

The importance of body temperature control in hockey

It has been shown in previous research that a hockey player loses approximately 1.8 liters of sweat and overall 1% of body mass during an intense 1 hour training  session. 

These figures alone show how important it is to control your body temperature to ensure the best performance possible. Our body is the engine of everything we do on the ice and therefore the skin temperature management as well as effective cooling during games and exercises is particularly important for any hockey athlete. 

Blood circulates between the core of the body and the skin exchanging heat to/from the external environment. The human body acts to prevent overheating by producing sweat – the human evaporative cooling mechanism.

HeiQ SMART TEMP is a fabric treatment allowing smart thermoregulation triggered by the body’s own heat. HeiQ SMART TEMP is automatically activated to lower your skin temperature when needed and deactivated once cooling is complete. We are able to lower the fabric temperature by 1.5°C - 2.5°C / (2.7°F to 4.5°F) compared to an untreated material. 

 Lab tests have shown that a lower skin temperature and less sweating can increase your overall energy level by 1.5%. Lower your core body temperature by 0.8°C (1.44°F) and lower your V02 trend. 

HeiQ SMART TEMP is safe to wear next to skin and is bluesign approved, OEKO-TEX suited and ZDHC compliant.

Continuous cooling activated by skin & fabric heat and sweat
how it works

Hydro-functional dynamic polymer changes its form and affinity to moistureat different temperatures in the absence of moisture, evaporative cooling is deactivated.