The comfiest Hoodie and Sweatpants. Ever.

Confident. Comfortable. Killer Style.

The Maloue Hoodie and the Mija Joggers live at the intersection of style and comfort. Boldly step forward into your day.

Wear this hoodie forever

The Maloue Hoodie oozes comfort and confidence. The cloud-soft fabric feels like a warm, gentle hug. But what sets the Maloue apart is the fit. Breathable, super-stretchy material, curved seams, ergonomic sleeves, and a high collar and hood. It just fits better.


Wear these sweatpants forever

The Mija Joggers are like a day-long hug for your legs. The fluffy, super soft, stretchy and breathable Italian fabric fits like a dream and won't lose its form. Best yet? We solved the waistband problem. The Mija's wide, stretchy waistband adds that extra little bit of comfort that makes a world of difference. Once you throw them on you'll never want to take them off.